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Designed for use on medium and low pressure plumbing systems, tested for use up to 16 Bar ITAL-TAP taps are strong and reliable, guaranteeing a high duty cycle and long working life with the maximum seal guaranteed.
ITAL-TAP Under-Washbasin units are suitable for use with hot and cold water, and are guaranteed to be long-lasting and maintenance free.
Manufactured to comply to standards of the D.M. no. 174 of 6 April 04, in the galvanised versions (chrome or nickel) they meet current standards, adopting DZR alloys and specific heat treatments, versions are available with characteristics which meet the standards in use for those countries where water has a high corrosive level. (UK-AU-North Europe).


Body: press-forged CW617N Brass
Sphere: press-forged chromium-plated CW617N
Rod: extruded/drawn CW614N Brass
Spere seat: P.T.F.E.
O-ring: NBR
Pressure of use: PN 16 bar
Operative temperature: from -5 to +120 °C
Conforms to directives: 2004/1/CE –
2004/13/CE -2004/19/CE


ITAL-TAP holds the patent for the sealing of the threaded
unions with teflon permanently fixed to the
thread of the pipe fittings of the taps of the 5- way
bady and other articles.
Available in the DZR version.

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