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ITAL TAP’s P-A-P pipe fittings for multilayer pipes are produced in the most popular size range on the European and Asian markets. By using high-quality raw materials together with advanced, highly-automated production techniques, we can guarantee a high standard of quality at the highest level.


Insert the threaded nut onto the multilayer pipe, push the compression nosepiece of the fitting onto the pipe, and push the pipe onto the hose holder until its end stops after deburring and calibrating the pipe. Once the correct penetration up to the stop edge has been verified, tighten
until the nut is locked. (Min. 25, max. 30 Nm) The Teflon washer will prevent the passage of any leakage currents within the metal layer of the pipe.

WARNINGS Connections through threads. Couplings should only be made with fittings having the same type of thread (see DIN 2999). Do not use unsuitable conical threaded couplings in conjunction with “female” couplings with a cylindrical thread. Hydraulic seal: With other metal
fittings, use Teflon.


Materials Brass parts: CW 617 N – EN 12165
Gaskets: PEROXIDIC EPDM – O-rings
Other: PTFE – separating washer
Operating conditions
Maximum operating temperature 120°C
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar

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