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Using exclusively our own resources and technology, we carry out all the stages of production required to make a range of taps for domestic sanitary plumbing systems.
The raw material, bars of brass, which conforms to strict UNI standards, is first treated by hot forging or chill casting, after which it undergoes minute mechanical machining on TRANSFER CNC machines and treatments for surface finishings.
Once surface treatments such as galvanic chroming and nickeling have been carried out, most of the assembly work takes place with automated and robotised processes which guarantee high productivity as well as stable and standard high quality throughout the production lots.
All taps manufactured by ITAL-TAP strictly undergo a series of tests during the machining stages and before packaging, aimed at testing their correspondence
and tolerance as required by the standards of the D.M. no. 174 of 6 April 04.
The ten-year experience of the management and the production technicians together with the documented appreciation of our clients, enable us to
assert that ITAL-TAP’s production of taps for civil plumbing systems offers the highest standard on the market as well as the guarantees and certifications
which have so far been obtained.


Brass parts: CW 617 N – CW 614 N
Washers: O-rings PEROXIDE EPDM .
Maximum operative temperature 120°C
Maximum operative pressure 16 bar
In compliance with directives: 2004/1/CE –
2004/13/CE -2004/19/CE


ITAL-TAP it realizes taps with varius cane solutions
with air-vent or rompigetto and traditional taps with
vito some to martellina chromiun plates to you and

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