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Using exclusively our own resources and technologies, we carry out all the processing steps necessary to produce a range of accessories for plumbing systems. The raw material, consisting of brass in bars, complying with strict UNI standards, undergoes an initial hot forging or shell casting treatment, followed by meticulous machining on TRANSFER CNC machines and surface finishing treatments. Once the surface treatments such as chrome and galvanic nickel plating have been carried out, most of the assembly operations are entrusted to automated and robotic processes that guarantee not only high productivity but also stable and homogeneous quality in the production batches. The parts in ITAL-TAP’s production, during the processing stages and before packaging, are rigorously subjected to a series of tests to check their correspondence and tolerances to their specific characteristics. The decades of experience of our management and production technicians, together with the verifiable recognition of our customers, allow us to affirm that our production of bodies, fittings and components for hydraulic systems offers the highest market standards, in addition to the guarantees and certifications obtained to date.


Brass parts: CW 617 N – CW 614 N
Gaskets: O-rings EPDM PEROXIDIC
Maximum operating temperature 120°C
Maximum operating pressure 16 bar
Conforms to directives: 2004/1/EC – 2004/ 13 /EC – 2004/ 19/EC


ITAL-TAP holds the patent for sealing threaded joints with a Teflon insert permanently attached to the thread of fittings, taps, 5-way bodies and other items.

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